POCHAHONTAS (1995) 🦝 Behind the Voices of the Disney Movie

Go behind the camera and get to know the voice cast of POCHAHONTAS from Walt Disney Animation

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An animated musical historical romantic drama film loosely based on the life of the Native American woman #Pocahontas. It portrays a fictionalized account of her historical encounter with Englishman John Smith and the Jamestown settlers that arrived from the Virginia Company.

Irene Bedard as Pocahontas
Judy Kuhn as the singing voice of Pocahontas
Mel Gibson as John Smith
David Ogden Stiers as John Ratcliffe (Stiers also provided the voice of Wiggins, Ratcliffe’s manservant)
John Kassir as Meeko
Russell Means as Chief Powhatan
Jim Cummings provides the singing voice of Chief Powhatan
Christian Bale as Thomas
Billy Connolly as Ben and Joe Baker as Lon
Linda Hunt as Grandmother Willow
Danny Mann as Percy
Frank Welker as Flit
Michelle St. John as Nakoma
James Apaumut Fall as Kocoum
Gordon Tootoosis as Kekata
Jim Cummings provides the singing voice of Kekata

Released on June 16, 1995
33rd Disney animated feature film

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